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Earth Animals

Cecil the Lion was killed on July 1, 2015. He was a protected lion that lived in the Hwange

National Park. Cecil was killed by an American Dentist that paid to have him lured away 

from his safe home.

This is my cartoon about Cecil that has been used around the world and has gone viral on the internet.

It all starts with a drawing...
Cecil The Lion
Graphite on bristol board
Apparel Design

Art for Earth Animals

Bill Lunsford, concept, photography, art and design

Unlike a charity, Earth Animals does not depend on donations but is profit and market driven enabling us to maintain a constant income flow. Earth Animals has an advantage over a nonprofit in that it does not have
to ask for or depend on donations.

We are on a mission to save any and every animal that needs our help.
It is in the name, Earth Animals.

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