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Hello, I am Bill Lunsford. I have been an Illustrator Cartoonist and Art Director for the past 25 Years. 


I have been very fortunate to work on many national accounts including RJ Reynolds, The Walt Disney Company, Kohl's, JCPenney, and Whirlpool. 


I have always thought that the most important thing an Illustrator does is to tell a story. When a client comes to me I listen, then I listen some more. If you really pay attention the client will usually give you all the plot twists and narrative clues you need to tell his or her story. 


Then it is my job to make suggestions and present their product or story in the clearest and precise way to reach that companies client base and also bring them even more customers. 


I studied art under some of the greatest cartoonist and illustrators of all time while attending the John Buscema School of Cartooning in New York City. John who drew Conan the Barbarian and other works for Marvel Comics was a modern; day master. 


He always instilled in us the importance of study and practice, saying art was never really finished and the goal was always to get better and be the best you could be... 


That is a lesson I have never forgotten and one I have always promised to keep.

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